Business Digitalization by LinkBinary

It's a digital age. No doubt about that. Any business that has its potential audience in the digital environment, has to be on the digital environment.
Unless, the business wants to gift-away its potential customers, not being where your customers is lethal to the business.
That being said, there is a solid chance that you might be looking forward to take your business digital. Below is the brief on how LinkBinary can assist you on it.

How we Digitalize?

You can choose either one of them, two of them or all three of them in your package.


If you opt to choose SMP (Social Media Presence) in our Digitalization package, we create social media pages for you everywhere where our marketing analysts find your potential customers could be in. Your business can perform multiple times better.


If your business has customer base that is more keen into technological stuff, including Website, Mobile App or both can be a game changer for your business. Our analysts found out that businesses with a website or an app are performing 70% better than those without.


To make it simple, digital marketing is simply the marketing done via digital medium. Letting general people know that your business exists, but, through the digital way. This will hugely impact your business if done properly. Also it's the most crucial of all.